Niidi is our home in a village near the capital of Estonia. It is surrounded by meadows and forests where we try to live sustainably. Friendly to the nature we do a lot ourselves, repair the old and if we have to buy, we do it consciously.

Niidi is also an online store that offers interesting products from both Estonia and the rest of the world. For example Bee's wrap that is an alternative to plastic film or wooden jewelry made from wood production residue.

Bee's wrap

From our online shop you can buy the world famous Bee's wrap.

Bee's wrap is a natural alternative to plastic wrap when packing and storing food. It is made of beeswax, GOTS sertified cotton, jojoba oil and tree resin. Wrap it around a half a lemon, avocado or sandwich or cover a bowl to keep your food fresh.

You can find different Bee's wrap 3 packs, single wraps or a special sandwich wrap equipped with string and a bee button.

PIND precious wood jewelry

We will soon add products :)

Pind jewelry are handmade with huge love in Estonia.
Natural materials and minimalistic earrings are upcycled from wood such as walnut, teak, oak, mahogany, wenge, ebony and cherry. Wooden parts are covered with linseedoil.

You can find natural, colorfully painted or fabric covered earrings from our online store.

Special orders are always welcome!


We are currently working on to find exciting, nature friendly new products from around the world, that will make our lives better!

New products

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Minimalistic wooden earrings.

14,00 €

Wrap your sandwich for lunch on the go. Build your sandwich, fold in corners and wrap string around wooden bee button.

14,00 €

Minimalistic wooden earrings covered with colorful cotton fabric.

14,00 €

Minimalistic wooden earrings covered with colorful acrylic paint.

14,00 €

Package of 3 Medium wraps help you to store food sustainably and natuarally. Perfect alternative to plastic.

22,00 €

Seven different sizes in a Bee's wrap variety pack kit for every job in the kitchen. Store a half a lemon, cover a bowl or wrap in a loaf of bread. Different patterns make your life fun.

49,00 €

One large Bee's wrap will help you to store food sustainably and natuarally. Perfect alternative to plastic.

9,00 €

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